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The Coronacoaster

Coronacoaster, definately a thing. I was browsing back through my planner today, and I had written on January 1st 2020, this is YOUR year. Pardon a second whilst I pause to laugh at my optimism. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it has most definitely not been my year,I don't think it has been anyones year.

I know we are not all in the same boat but we are all in the same storm, everyone is facing different challenges, and my family is no different. For me, keeping an emerging art business in its first year of business, whilst homeschooling, dealing with Parents in the ICU and having no septic system at our house for 4 months during lockdown was my corona coaster... Im sure you all have similar stories too.

In response, Ive been away for a while, despair crept in, cookies seemed like the answer to all problems, my head was like a bowl of noodles and I was slowly morphing into a pair of sweat pants.

But suddenly, somehow this is now not acceptable to me any more. Its not who I am, I am coming to terms with my new reality, and trying to find a solution.

So here it is. How do I kick start my business? what is the immediate problem? how do I fix it?

The problem is I am currently working on a folding table in my house. My art studio is now a school room and craft room for my six year old, I have no storage for canvas and supplies, no where to work to the point where even my computer is back in its box. Definitely can't run a business like that!

I have to pull my socks up and get to work. Im going to use the rest of this year to come out swinging for 2021. Im going to create a space. I received a small business loan. Ironically its a very small loan for a very small business but I love a challenge so here it is.

I have a 2000 dollar budget, and Im going to turn this....

into a fully functioning studio space.

Stop laughing.

I'll update the blog once a week, but in the mean time follow along on the crazy endeavor on instagram or Facebook @Andersoncreekstudios.

Im done with being sad! Lets have some fun!


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