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Phase one, week one - the clean up.

Its been a busy week. we started with the clean up...the biggest most dirtiest task you can imagine! there is still the remnants of a former cow shed in the far downstairs corner...I'll leave that to your imagination. We found straw and corn from when this was a working farm (at least 60 years ago) and on the second floor it seems at one point there was a small fire which was patched with a door...door handle and all!

For safety we suited up with ventilators and went to work. So far we have collected two truck fulls of trash and a couple of treasures. Who knows what we will find next!

If you want to follow along with videos of the progress, sign up to the studio Facebook page, and you can see me in all my dirt covered sweaty glory :-). Until next time!

The clean up begins

Original Farmhouse shutters found in a pile of trash.

Beautiful Chairs...or they could be!

full on cleaning mode!

No words!


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