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No pain, no gain...right?

You guys, its never ending! No matter how much dirt I suck into the industrial hoover, no matter how many cobwebs I sweep, and no matter how much junk I throw into the dump pile...there is still more!!!!

How is this possible?

After another really dirty sweaty weekend (how am I not 120 lbs by now?!?) We started to make progress you can see, I think i'm past the point of wanting to quit, but I did come close!

In other news I am getting a quote for the floor today so that should give a better idea of how the budget will get spent. Despite all the hard work we have still only spent a quarter of the budget so Im hoping a durable floor that we don't need to refinish every year is in the budget. I'll let you know next week!

The old work bench is gone, Im hoping to make a new teaching table out of it!

There appears to be water troughs where the work bench was.

I am not blonde...thats dirt :-}

So...I'm going to need a floor!


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