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Hi, I'm Theresa Anderson...

 I am a British born artist living and working in Grand Rapids Michigan. I came to the USA via working as an artist and prop maker for theatre and film. At my last position touring with Cirque du Soleil I met my husband, and when we finally packed away our touring life we settled with our son in beautiful Michigan.  I have taken this new direction as an opportunity to redefine what I see as my path. I have begun experimenting with new ways to work, using paint, additives and various mediums to create work I find to be exhilarating. I have left behind the exacting nature of design briefs to work  on my self expression. I now create from my love of color and order out of chaos. My constant inspiration is the natural world, from crashing waves and rock faces to microscopic organisms, there is color and texture in all forms and I hope to never stop exploring them!

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